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Switch Designs was founded to bring innovation and style to bags for the outdoors. Switch seeks to design and create the best luggage for your gear, for everything from international travel to weekend drives to the mountain.
skier placing skiboot in tan Switch bootbag
Our first product is a ski boot bag, engineered to get all your essential gear to your destination with flexibility, comfort and style.
slim black Switch bootbag tote
Traditional ski boot bags are bulky in all dimensions, resulting in awkward packing constraints and storage problems at home and on the go. These bags only function in one shape, and are cumbersome to carry any other way. Boot bags are also notoriously unattractive. 
We decided that needed to change. Our ski boot bag's patented transformational design is stylish and equally comfortable as a backpack or in its slim tote/duffel configuration. With just one reversible buckle, you can quickly convert the ski boot bag from backpack to tote to pair with other luggage, and pack into cars or narrow spaces at home or in transit.
tan Switch skiboot bag transformation
We believe that in almost any sport or activity, your footwear is the most important part of your gear. Our ski boot bag will ensure you can travel with your footwear comfortably and efficiently.
outdoor hiker with black Switch design backpack
Video by Jack Manzi
Photography by Peter Lobozzo