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The Benefits of Switch Ski Boot Bags





The Benefits of Switch Ski Boot Bags


As a company that holds skiing passionately in its heart, we have made it our mission to develop innovative ways to transport ski gear to and from your snowy destination. We have dedicated years into exploring and researching both the design flaws and successful traits of current travel and adventure luggage. This knowledge has helped us curate the perfect ski travel bag. The first of its kind, our breakout product alters the way skiers pack their gear.


The benefits of Switch ski boot bags lie in the understanding of two main themes that we continuously encountered during our study. The first was in functionality. In each of the cases we reviewed, other ski boot bags could only be utilized in one form, generally a wheeled suitcase or backpack. This left users with excessive baggage that paired poorly with other luggage. The second expressed itself in the fact that many skiers found extra baggage to be uncomfortable, perplexing, and unattractive. This left skiers of every skill level with an all-around unpleasant way to travel with their gear.


Switch Ski Boot Bag Functionality


With these two understandings at the forefront, we began to develop our state-of-the-art solution. Our patent-pending design lets users easily convert their ski boot bag backpack, into a sleek and slim profiled tote with one reversible buckle. Each form boasts a fashionable and modern appeal. In addition to its outward functionality, our ski boot travel bag holds the following impressive features:


  • Grommets on boot pockets for drainage and circulation
  • D-hook attachment options for water bottles
  • Bungie straps for soft goods and jackets
  • Mesh pockets that fit up to 13” laptops or tablets
  • Ultra-durable 500D Cordura

The benefits of the Switch ski boot bags are seemingly endless. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable excess. Let Switch Designs make your next ski adventure hassle-free with our award-winning ski boot bags.